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Ruling Elder Ordained at Chesley Presbyterian Reformed Church

Gerald te Velde was ordained to the office of ruling elder in the Chelsey Presbyterian Reformed Church at a special service on July 8, 2018.  The service was taken by the Rev. D. Douglas Gebbie with assessor elders Vincent Gebhart (Rhode Island) and Christopher Levi (Iowa) present.  Associated with the Session for the ordination were […]

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On the Reaction of Protestants to Rome’s Scandals

Recently, I’ve seen an overwhelming response to the Roman church’s sex scandals throughout much of the Protestant and even Reformed world to quickly note the sins of Protestant pastors and churches in this area. To some degree, I think it is necessary to note that there is no solution in this life that wholly expunges […]

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Psalm 20

Pastor Roy Mohon preached “Psalm 20” at Presbyterian Reformed Church of Stockton. Psalm 20

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